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Healthcare Genetic Testing

Healthcare Genetic Testing






Health Management: Understand yourself better through genetic testing

“我是否有摄取均衡营养?” “为什么我的体重一直不会下降?” “为什么我每天都有睡7-8小时但是还是觉得很累?”

你在生活中是否也有面对以上问题?不用担心,你可以透过GGA Healthcare Genetic Testing找出答案。

This genetic testing will give you more insight to manage your lifestyle as well as to discover your optimal diet and much more, so you may improve the quality of life through the power of genetics, achieve your health management goal.

The response of your body is affected by genetic factors, which in turn affects the exercise method that can be most appropriate for you. You can combine your genetic results to plan a more suitable exercise approach for yourself, and to make adjustments in the weaker aspects of your training, which can further achieve the exercise or fitness goals that you desire, approach your health management target.

Our body needs to get adequate level of vitamins to maintain the normal function of each cell and organ, and to promote growth and development. Taking right vitamins are even more important during pregnancy since these vitamins are essential for not just one person, but two. A lack or excessive of vitamins intake in the body could cause adverse effects. Therefore, this genetic test includes testing for requirement of vitamins based on your genes, which allows you to adjust your vitamin intake, and achieve your health management goal.



Personalize healthcare genetic testing could help you approach your health management target by understand your innate quality and common traits based on your genes. You could improve your health by changing your lifestyle, intake of supplements and take proactive care early.





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