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Genetics Generation Asia Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of Genetics Generation Advancement (GGA) Corp. (from BIONET Group). BIONET Group is a pioneer company focusing on stem cell therapy and genetic testing industry in Taiwan.


BIONET Corp. was established in 1999 and went public in 2007. It has been engaged in the field of stem cell banking, cell therapy, and regenerative medicine for over 20 years. Moreover, the company has dedicated research efforts to develop a variety of stem cell applications including immunomodulation and respiratory diseases.


GGA Corp. was further founded in 2008 and made its IPO in 2012 as Taiwan‘s first public company specialized in both genetic testing and scientific informatics. As the leading provider of genetic testing in Taiwan, GGA Corp. is the first CAP-accredited genetic testing company with well-established genetic counseling team. We offer high-quality genetic testing service covering the entire lifespan from preconception to adulthood.


In this new decade, through the integration of genetic testing, big data analysis, and stem cell treatments, BIONET Group is capable of providing precision health management starting from, or even before, age 0.

Our Mission

GGA’s mission is to continuously improve the quality of life through the power of biotechnology and to ultimately create a holistic genetic testing service network to accelerate the personalized health management from preconception to adulthood.

High Quality Technology

GGA has set up a world-class genetic testing laboratory which is in line with international standards. The laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), ISO17025 as well as ISO15189 by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) to ensure high quality service and accurate test results.